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Mad Bull!!!
The Mavericks are Back!!

The ORIGINAL Soft-Tip Tungsten Dart is making a Comeback and Quality has Not been sacrificed!

(If you're a True Tungsten-Lover; You won't mind waiting for these big-ass pix to load....Thanks!)

The ORIGINAL Soft-Tip Tungstens. $27/set!

Striped Originals
Striped Originals. Only $29/set!

Desert eagles
The Famous DESERT EAGLES! Only $39.95/set!!

Cobalt, etc. Mavs
M609 Magnesium Tungsten - $37.50/set. M641 F15 Eagles- $39/set. M633/34 COBALT Tungsten- $38/set. M701 Predator Tungsten (with Collette-Top Shafts)- $49/set.

Bees & JC Mavs
Killer Bee Tungstens (KBT01/02)- $32/set. Jewel Engraved Tungsten (M685-7)- $37/set.

See the Hot INFINITYs!

Also Up.....the "Rifled Barrel" Tungsten MAKOs!

A Maverick "Dart Pal" Case (featuring the new logo from the top of this page) is
available with any set of Mavericks for an additional $7.99.

Let the DartGuy help you obtain any Dart Stuff you seek! Call Free at 1.800.726.7085 or
E-Mail BRD!

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