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BRD is a Distributor for DART WORLD, Inc. DWI is famous for their Platinum Soft-Tip and Piranha Steel-Tip Tungsten Darts. Every new season; Look for a bunch of New Flites from Dart World!

All Budweiser Flights are available @ only $1.50/set!

NEW DWI Dart Sets include the Adjustable-Weight HAWKS and the Tungsten TARANTULAS.

Some of the 1997 DWI Broken Glass Flights!...$1.50/set or 6 sets for $7.50!

New Platinum 34416New Platinum 35116
Two of DWI's Platinum Soft-Tip Tungstens (#34416 & 35116).
Only $36 in DeLuxe Custom Case!

Call 1-800-726-7085 NOW to order or E-Mail BRD!

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